The Irish Pub Scene

“What are the best pubs in Ireland?  I checked online, and found 50 different “Top 10” lists for Pubs to visit Ireland.  How can The Crown Bar in Belfast Northern Irelandthat be?”  When working with client’s who are looking to experience the famous pub atmosphere in Ireland, we tend to hear those things quite often.  The answer isn’t really clear or straightforward; but not to worry……it’s pretty hard to go wrong.  At last count there were almost 7200 pubs in Ireland, over 2400 restaurants, and nearly 1000 hotels.  Needless to say there is no shortage of options, or for that matter a great pint of Guinness.


Plaque commemorating Snow Patrol's performance at The Duke of York, Belfast, Northern IrelandTo enjoy the pub scene in Ireland is a different experience for different people.   Some are driven by the local music, and authentic traditional Irish music offerings.  Others are interested in the historical ageless pubs in Dublin where authors, politician’s, and celebrities were known to wet their beak through the years.  Some of the most famous coastal villages and towns, are as renowned for their pub offerings, as they are for the scenic attractions nearby.  The atmosphere and feel may differ from county to county, but rest assured that you’ll always receive a healthy dose of Irish hospitality.

So whether Leinster, Munster, Connaught, or Ulster, make your own top 10 list of your favorite pubs, as you explore the Emerald Isle.

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Famous Irish Coffee with Powers Whiskey McDaids Pub established in 1779, next to The Westbury Hotel in Dublin The Original Durty Nelly's, next to Bunratty Castle, Ireland The famous half pint of Guinness at Toners, Dublin, Ireland

Beautiful Wild Atlantic Way coastal view from Carnaween House, in Narin, Ireland A great group from The Travel Connection, enjoying a pint at J Sheehan's, Dublin   A group from The Travel Connection, enjoying a nice Irish Coffee at The Duke of York, Belfast, Northern Ireland

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